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Baking delights market tendencies

Baking delights market tendencies

Following the results of January - June 2012, overall production of non-durable bakery products has made 3.2. mln. tones. Current rate is 1.6 % lower than that of last year. At the same time overall production of cacao, chocolate and sugary confectionery products has increased by 2.8 % to reach the point of 693 thousand tones for the first half of the year.
Table 4. Overall production of bakery and sugary confectionery products in 2012, thousand tones


Table 5. Average cost prices in Russia in terms of product groups in June 2012, rub per tone

Confectionary products cost prices showed their increase during the year. Waffles demonstrated the most rapid tempo – with the increase by 8% per year to reach 79,413 rub per tone. Positive dynamics of 6% has developed for the prices for rusk products, fancy baked products, and sweet cookies. Flour confectionery goods, fancy baked products made of wheat flour with no filling, as well as spice cakes and ginger bread have increased in price by 3%. Round cracknel products have increased in price only by 1% to reach 49,019 rub per tone. Only the price for dry cookies has dropped by 2% down to 49,307 rub per tone.
Chart 2. Dynamics of average price in Russia for flour confectionery products manufacturers, January 2011 – June 2012, rub/kg.

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Negative dynamics of cost prices in Dalnevostochny Federal District has developed in terms of three positions: flour confectionery products have dropped in price by 10%, fancy baked products – by 8%, rusk products – by 2%. Cookies have substantially increased in price – by 11%.
As far as Privolzhsky Federal District is concerned, all products have increased in price, with the maximal price increase tempo of 14% for waffles, fancy baked products and dry cookies.
In Severo-Zapadny Federal District fancy baked products made of wheat flour with no filling have decreased in price by 3% and rusk products – by 2 % during the year. Whereas the cost price for round cracknel products and fancy baked products has substantially increased by 16%.
The cost price for spice cakes and ginger bread in Severo-Kavkazsky Federal District has dropped substantially – by 11%. Negative dynamics has developed in terms of flour confectionary products – by 8 %, and rusk products - by 16%.
Prices for fancy baked products have decreased by 15% and for flour confectionery products – by 5% in Sibirsky Federal District. As far as other positions are concerned, price dynamics is positive 3-9%.
In Uralsky Federal District cost price for round cracknels has sufficiently increased by 18%, cookies have become 10% more expensive. Flour confectionery products prices have dropped by 2%.
In Tsentralny Federal District only cookies are dropping in price – by 1% per year. Other positions have increased in price, with the maximal tempo of price growth for flour confectionery products – by 13% per year.
In Uzhny Federal District only the price for round cracknels has decreased. It has decreased by 1 %. As for other positions, prices for them are rapidly growing by 13-18%.

Table 6. Average customer price in Russia for confectionery products in terms of products groups, rub/kg.


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