Eggs: an unchangeable product

05 дек 2013г.

According to Credinform experts, the volume of Russian egg market in 2012 has reached about 42 billion eggs, about 165 billion rubles in money value. Production rse 2%.

In recent years, egg market has been growing steadily. Credinform analysts think that growth at the level about 1.5-2% will be kept then, taking into count that Russian economy will develop without any serious inner or outer problems. The continuing increase in consumption can be reached with the increase in citizens' richness and with the continuing state support of agricultural enterprises. Also, in 2011 Russian government decided to create long-time dotations for egg, pork and poultry production.

It's also worth noticing that chicken eggs are the unique product and can't be changed equally by anything even among natural food. This is the optimal food for broad audience of consumers because of the combination of several factors: nutrition value, implementation area, functionality and affordable price.

In our country, 1969 companies specialize in agricultural poultry breeding, egg poultry among them. It is difficult to name certain poultry factories producing eggs as this specialty isn't counted separately.

Even though, Credinform experts made the rating of 10 egg poultry factories producing chicken and quail eggs and having biggest volume. Prioskolye is the leader in this market, Severnaya and Novo-Ezdotskaya poultry factories are the second and the third.

Among the top 10, there are also Roskar company, Uralbroiler, Belorechenskoye household, Oktyabrskaya agricultural company, Sinyavinskaya, Seymovskaya and Borovskaya poultry factories. These leaders hold 25% of the market in money value.

Most of imported eggs come from the Netherlands (34%), Germany (14%), the USA (12%), Ukraine (9%), Czech Republic (9%) and Hungary (6%). Haanstra BV, a company from the Netherlands, is the main supplier of such production, Mach Drubez A.S from Czech Republic holds the second position. Imported eggs are used for chicken breeding (incubation and breeding eggs). Eggs for food are imported only from Hungary, according to official statistics.

Russian manufacturers satisfy the customers' needs in eggs. The production volumes of Russian factories are enough to export eggs. The main importers of Russian eggs are Mongolia (51% in money value). Kyrgyzstan (21%) and Tajikistan (18%,).  During the last year, about 1.5 million eggs were exported for 18.5 million dollars. The main Russian exporter of eggs is Belorechenskoye agricultural enterprise. The large amount of contracts for overseas sales belong to small farms.

From the beginning of 2012, egg prices have risen 5% In January 2012, the average price of 10 eggs in Russia was 41.44 RUR, in December – 43.34 RUR. The growth is reached because of the increases in grain cost for compound feed which is 60% of poultry-breeding costs. Many manufacturers notice the other reasons for prices' growth, such as the increase of electricity, fuel and hardware costs. Customer prices for chicken eggs are influenced by the season factor, minimum prices are reached during the peak of production.




Author: Victoria Vitashevskaya, Credinform IA leading expert
Publishing House SFERA

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