Poultry market: trends and prospects

25 ноя 2013г.

Poultry market in Russia is one of the most consolidated segments of national meat market, even though there are a lot of small manufacturers. More than a half of poultry production volume in natural terms belongs to 12 biggest enterprises.

Among the market leaders, there are: Cherkizovo Group, Belaya Ptitsa (White Poultry) LLC, Prodo Group, G.M.R. Agro-Industrial Complex, Chicken-Duck from Altai, Chernyanskaya Duck Farm, Siberian Agro Group LLC, Russkoe Pole (Russian Field) Agricultural Holding, Nesterovsky Poultry Complex Ltd, Reftinskaya Poultry Factory JSC, Nerungrinskaya Poultry Factory JSC, Zolotoy Kolos (Golden Spike) Agricultural Concern, and a number of others.

Poultry producers understand the requirements of international market integration. Except technical re-equipment, there is also need in the end of normative base development and the coincidence between national poultry production and international requirements for production competitiveness on international markets.

High-quality raw Russian materials should be made available for manufacturers. For this purpose, there is need to grow the necessary stock of  well-bred chicken: for this, our own base of selective and genetic centers can be developed. Along with broilers, it’s important to develop the production of turkey, ducks, geese and quails. With this, we can broaden the assortment of poultry production on the consumer market.

Poultry breeding is one of the most successful industries in Russian agricultural complex. Along with this, there are some economic problems in Russian poultry breeding. In such regions as Sverdlovsk, Penza, Samara and Kirov region, poultry factories are being sold. Im some places, enterprises are totally stopped.

The implemention of market regulation mechanisms is a long and difficult process. Nowadays, the market mechanisms of farm management are not implemented effectively.

At the same time, this is the main factor of increasing the competititveness of poultry-breeding companies. Firstly, we need to speak about the creation of an effective logistics system for poultry production market, taking into count the market economy principals.

Russian poultry-processing enterprises usually share the responsibility spheres for the whole logistics chain, which doesn’t make possible to see logistics as a common task and makes the complexity during the mechanisation of this difficult and costly process.

New systems can exclude manual work, which lets exclude bird traumation during slaughtering, improving the quality of meat. New technologies are equipped with automatic systems of broiler catching and their package filling, transportation systems, facilities for bird knocking in the controlled environment, and also the automated submitter in the processing department with the weighing system and washeries.

Such approach as a complex can avoid many modern problems that can be seen at Russian enterprises, taking into count their developing production capacities. Many specialists think that in the nearest future competition will take place not between enterprises, but between logistic chains providing the planned level of customer service with small general costs.

The following key factors can promote the own poultry meat production in Russia:

State crediting on easy terms for investment project realization and easy equipment purchasing (excluding custom fees, leasing);
Tariff and customs regulation and import quota;
Innovative developments in breeding, genetics, veterinary medicine, attracting new technologies due to scientific research;
The appearance of big and serious investors in this sphere. From 2006 to 2012, the total money volume of investment projects in this sphere were more than 200 billion rubles.

According to our company’s forecasts, poultry consumprion among the population will grow. Poultry can reach about 45% from total meat consumption until 2020. World economy crisis had a combined influence on Russian poultry market. From one side, consumers paid attention for poultry meat, from the other side, the poorer social groups which hold the significant consumer share, began to value all kinds of meat as way above their budget.

It is suggested that in the nearest few years there will be stable growth of chicken meat consumption as an available source of meat protein, the growth of pork consumption and a little fall in beef consumption beacuse of the high prices for it. In 2015, beef consumption will reach 2.2 million tons, pork consumption – 3.5 million tons, chicken meat – 4.6 million tons.




Author: Andrey Besedin, CEO of Euroresearch & Consulting
Publishing House SFERA

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