It is not an easy thing to publish a good magazine. Glossy paper cover and expensive print are just first impression. But what really counts about a business magazine is the content. This is what defines whether it stays on top manager’s table or goes to the trash bin. There’s always a question of trust as well in business editions- whether the information is notable and its’ source trustworthy.





The first issue of the publishing house came out in 2001. Conceived as a company project it differed a lot from those few Russian magazines specializing at meat industry. The innovative idea to make it attractive not only for the producing managers but for the top managers and enterprise owners in the first place was well receives by the community. Hot field news, relevant analytics and leading expert’s articles provided a unique chance to take a look at the industry as a whole.

Meant for the top-managers, marketing specialists and chief industrial engineers the magazine turned out to be a great success. Faculty of food-processing specialized universities, libraries and individual readers would subscribe to SFERA magazines. The magazine hit the spot with the young specialists starting their way into the world of food business, who were using the articles while working on their University course papers and thesis. Many of them are holding high positions now still remaining dedicated readers of SFERA magazines.



Today’s issues follow the tradition of ‘SFERA.Meat’ by providing managers of all of Russia’s high-profile food enterprises with the first-hand information. The topical range has been essentially extended though. 2004 was marked by the publication of the first ‘SFERA.Dairy’ and ‘SFERA.Bakery and confectionery industry’ magazines, conceptually correlating to ‘SFERA.Meat’. Such an addition turned out to be a good idea as the magazines providing helpful and timely industry information took a short time to acquire its audience. Inspired by the success, in 2010 we prepared and published our new magazine – ‘SFERA.Poultry’ and in April 2011 we started a unique periodical on fish processing named ‘SFERA.Fish’. Now we can assuredly claim that continuity is the reason why SFERA magazines are legitimately considered among the most credible periodicals in food industry.