Advertising effectiveness

Unlike the magazines that are published for the whole food industry market we aim at specific industries – meat processing, poultry farming and poultry processing, fish processing (we publish the only magazine in this field), dairy, bakery and confectionery industries. All the articles are exclusive and many of them are opinion pieces. Thus every edition provides only information that is needed and finds the customer. Every edition is a much-awaited event. The magazines stay at the general directors’ desks, they are being addressed during the season, they hold relevance up to the next issue while changing according to the market’s demand.


100% audience outreach

We believe that managers should have free access to the news sources. We are actively promoting online versions of our magazines- they might be downloaded at our website, many articles are available online. Our brand is spreading respectively. You can find both new issues and archives of the last years- they are available as PDF files.

But those are industry events indeed during which the peak advertising effectiveness is reached.


As a rule, 20 minutes after the first presentation at the conference or one-hour walk through the exhibition the participants’ attention switches vigorously to something else. In most cases that something else are SFERA magazines spread at the events. Statistics show that up to 80% of event participants read a magazine or a newspaper they’ve been offered and 70% take them home.

Your advantages

How does a customer stand out among the target audience? How can you make a potential customer a real one? Those are simple questions, and by answering them right you’ll get your company to prosper and by answering wrong you’ll trigger collapse.

This is information.

A potential client isn’t your client yet. They have no idea about how your offer is good for them, or about your discount policy, or about how you are a trustworthy partner. In the end they even have no idea that your sales manager is an attractive softly-voiced brunette. Only the one already working with you knows that and chooses you among the others for the advantages that are important for them in the first place.

How much does information cost?

How much does one visit of your manager to a customer cost? What about a different region?

SFERA magazines are your representatives in food industry. Published since 2001, read by top managers of all Russia’s large-scale food industries. Publishing advertisement of your product or company you’ll easily get to the top manager. And our managers will find the best suitable option for your presentation.